• A million possibilities,
      but only one that tastes right.

      There are millions of flavourings. OlbrichtArom knows how to find the right ones, and how to create the one right solution from them – the one that makes taste, texture, and recipe a perfect fit for the product as well as its production processes.

    • NEW: Making flavours happen

      Watch the process from inquiry to order.

  • There are many good ideas,
    but only the best are winners.

    5 steps to new worlds of flavour
    • The understanding you need.

      If you’re looking for the right flavouring, you need a partner who asks the right questions: How is the product manufactured? Using what techniques and what recipe? Does it already include other flavourings or fruit pastes? And most of all, what does your product need in order to remain successful 10 years from now? All this can be discussed only in confidence, with a company that is quick to offer individual solutions, and willing to work in small batches if need be.

    • Applications technology
      that boosts your quality.

      At OlbrichtArom we don’t sell flavourings, we sell added value – with product developers and applications experts, who can configure your new product to exactly meet market demands, and mesh with your production processes smoothly and risk-free. As a medium-sized enterprise, we work quickly and unbureaucratically. Our specialists are accustomed to quick turnarounds and give customers the competitive advantage they need.

    • The time that saves you money.

      Building in-house resources is a long and costly process. A meeting with the experts from OlbrichtArom is the ideal alternative. It lets you save product development capacity, while bringing in the new perspectives and ideas than only outside consultants can provide, for cost savings, process optimisation, more stable formulations, or improved product shelf-life.

    • The experience
      that gives you confidence.

      OlbrichtArom is not some upstart newcomer – we’ve been around since 1872. It all started in Leipzig, Germany, the Silicon Valley of flavouring development, where the company was Purveyor to the Court and patent holder for the preservation and conservation of flavourings. The Purveyor to the Court business is passé, but we still strive to treat customers like royalty.

    • The company group
      that adds function to flavour.

      In OlbrichtArom you have a partner who can provide benefits on many levels. We are backed up by the extensive resources of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe – 11 companies that develop and produce customised food additives and functional system in a broad range of areas. This assures that we don’t just make products that taste great, we also make products that work great.

  • Composed aromas and citrus paste