DairyEnhancer – To make your products taste richer.

OlbrichtArom supplies DairyEnhancer in liquid and powder form for a wide variety of applications. With this flavour it is possible to give foods the taste of more fat than they contain. Dosages start from as little as 0.02 %.
The OlbrichtArom DairyEnhancer range improves the flavour of dairy products, as well as enables cost savings by reducing expensive recipe components without compromising on taste or mouthfeel.
This unique flavour increases the creamy/fatty taste in all kinds of foods based on milk, cream, yogurt or curd, as well as dairy analogue products or comparable bases. Additionally, it covers acidic notes coming from yoghurts, cottage cheeses and similar products.
Especially for low fat products, it can be used to give a very attractive taste and mouthfeel similar to higher fat products.
Moreover, DairyEnhancer helps to cover unpleasent off-tastes due to its masking properties. For example for vegetable fats, neutraceutical applications with proteins, vitamins or minerals, or recombined milk.

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