What nature can do,
our citrus peel pastes can do better

How did traditional German Christmas stollen become, well, traditional German Christmas stollen? Among other things, with lemon and orange peel. We’ve improved on this great tradition, with citrus peel pastes that let you benefit from our extensive knowledge. Give your baked goods, dairy products, ice-cream, confections, deli foods, fillings, fruit preparations, sauces and dressings that special something they need to do well on the market.

Little fruits,
big flavour.

As with so many foods, with fruit and peel pastes it's a matter of the ingredients. So we don't get ours just anywhere. We get them only from Europe and primarily from Calabria, the southernmost part of the Italian mainland. In the fertile plains by the coast and in the river valleys, citrus fruits of exceptional quality are grown, so much so that our natural peel and fruit pastes are almost entirely free of flavour additives.