Current brochures and flyers

Use the order form to get free information on our flavourings, fruit pastes and peel pastes, and on the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and our Technology Centre.

FLAVOURINGS – Nothing is more convincing than flavour

There are millions of flavours. How do you find the right ones? Download our flavourings brochure and learn more about OlbrichtArom. Here you can find all the important information on our many application areas.

FRUIT AND PEEL PASTES – Exactly to your taste

They serve as fillings and toppings for baked goods and confections, and they give ice cream and deli foods that special something. In our brochure you can learn about how our natural fruit and peel pastes can improve your products.

COFFEE SYRUP – The most flavourful way to enjoy coffee

From Amaretto to White Chocolate, discover how we can diversify your coffee offerings with our flavourful syrups, in individual flavour profiles and concentrations. If desired, we’ll be glad to add your exclusive private label.

TECHNOLOGY CENTRE – Concentrated expertise

In our 14 laboratories, experts in food and applications technology will find the right solution for you. The brochure informs about the interdisciplinary research and advanced applications technology at our extensive Technology Centre.


For 30 years the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has been one of the most internationally successful providers of food & feed ingredients. An integrated presentation of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and its member companies.